Boost your customer relationship with SMS conversations

Communicate differently

Time2chat is a Business Messaging solution that offers a two-way SMS channel via brand or user initiated conversation sessions. Everyone will be able to benefit from the advantages of this new communication channel.

For a brand:

  • Time2chat is the instant messaging solution for communicating via SMS or via calls on the same number (093).
  • Time2chat meets the needs of customer relations (after-sales service, making an appointment, managing a delivery, etc.).
  • It is an easy (without mobile application) and fast way to get in direct contact with his customer; And reciprocally, the end user can also contact his brand for free for a question (products, after sales service, appointment confirmation, schedules...).
  • This SMS solution that can rely on bots to simply respond to customers will reduce calls to customer service.

    For the user:

  1. Time2chat is the easiest way to exchange directly with his favorite brand for a product advice or an after sales service.
  2. The user can initiate the sending of an SMS to be put in direct contact with a brand, it's simple and immediate, no application to download, it's a simple sms.
  3. The user can then be called back or call an advisor of the brand via this same number if necessary.

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How does it work ?

  • Direct Marketing

  • Managing a delivery

  • Appointment booking

  • Care

  • Notification

  • Information