Ethics & control

SFR Pay wishes to inform you on the ethics and controls we apply to our solutions

By using SFR Pay payment solutions, the co-contracting party undertakes to comply with and make others comply with the ethical recommendations described in the charters below.
These charters are designed to provide a framework for the development of consumer services. In the event of non-compliance with these charters, SFR may apply the measures indicated in the general conditions (penalties, suspensions, cancellations).


  • Charte de déontologie
  • Charte de conception
  • Charte des contenus multimédia mobile
  • Charte de communication
  • Charte graphique SMS+/MMS+

AF2M Ethics charters

  • Compte rendu commisison déontologique 5 fevrier 2015
  • Compte rendu commisison déontologique 7 juin 2013
  • Compte rendu commission déontologique 30 septembre 2014