RCS Mobile Messaging

Improve relationship between brands and their customers with an enhanced mobile messaging experience

Communicate differently

"Improve relationship between brands and their customers with an enhanced mobile messaging experience"

RCS means Rich Communication Services. This technology has been implemented internationally by the GSM Association, which brings together the entire mobile telephony industry (operators and manufacturers).

RCS is a new mobile messaging channel available directly in the default instant messaging app (Android message). With RCS, messages are enriched (photos, videos, gifs, emojis, carousels, CTA buttons, Quiz...) and conversations directly with brands through chatbots is available.

It is sometimes seen as an evolution of SMS that allows companies to offer as part of their marketing campaign. The possibility of being able to send much richer content than traditional SMS, and to develop a quality customer relationship through the possibilities of two-way communication.

RCS offers Brands a great opportunity to improve their relationship with customers via chat bots.

Benefits for Brands which chose RCS :

  • Provide a seamless and customizable customer experience with enhanced services (photos, video, location…)
  • Choose a channel with record opening rates
  • Enrich your customer relationship through transactional use cases or make some survey.
  • Develop: conversational marketing on the best ecosystem for brands
  • Brand customization: A tailor-made message with the logo the colors and universe of the brand.
  • Rich content: send images, GIFs, videos, emojis and increase your conversion
  • Suggested: Answer: The bot interacts with users in a simple and intuitive way
  • Verified Sender: Clear identification of the issuer enhances brand confidence
  • Campaign follow-up: Message acknowledgments and other KPI
  • Action button: Improved Call to Action to increase user experience

Market figures


million users at the end of 2022


SMS opt-in are RCS opt-in

How it works ?

  • Direct Marketing

  • Care

  • Notification

  • Survey

  • Information