Number Verify

Check the mobile phone number instantly


Number Verify allows the service provider to authenticate a user reliably, quickly, without intervention from the user.
With reference to the 3-factor authentication rule commonly recalled, Number Verify provides with the “possession” factor.
How ? Instantly check that the mobile phone number used to access the service is the one known to the service provider.

With this solution, online service providers can:

  • Increase the conversion rate of customer journeys because the user will not need to use his login/password to login
  • Manage the risk of fraud through the mobile phone number which is controlled directly by SFR

How does it work ?

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    Number verify

      1. 1

        The user connects, from his mobile, to the application of his service provider

      2. 2

        The service provider, who knows the customer’s phone number, asks SFR to perform a verification

      3. 3

        SFR controls the online telephone number

      4. 4

        Once the telephone number is confirmed, the service provider authorizes the user to access the requested service