Number Verification (Beta)

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CAMARA project

CAMARA is an open-source project that is part of the Linux Foundation. It aims to define service APIs by combining network APIs on an operator domain.

CAMARA works closely with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and definitions, and to publish APIs.

Several operators are supporting the CAMARA initiative and have already provided the first CAMARA APIs.

Du to this initiative, developers can benefit from a set of APIs that are easy to use without any telecom expertise.

These APIs meet regulatory and data confidentiality requirements and facilitate the integration of the application into the network.

Please note: This initiative aims to define service APIs by combining network APIs on an operator domain. This means that the scope of the CAMARA API will go beyond the scope of identity, and that these APIs could globally be used in a context other than that of fraud detection and prevention.


The CAMARA NUMBER VERIFICATION API performs real-time checks on the telephone number associated with an SFR mobile line on the SFR mobile network.

For an online service on the Internet, this check enables the mobile operator to verify that the mobile phone number is currently the one used on the device. In this way, the online service will know whether the user is using a device with the same mobile phone.

What's the difference with Number Verify?

From a functional point of view, the two APIs offer the same possibilities. Both APIs are based on two distinct standards (Mobile Id for number verification, CAMARA for number verification).

How does it work ?

The API is used by an application to obtain information about a mobile phone number. It can be easily integrated and used through this secure API and allows service providers to obtain this information easily and securely.

The API manages two resources answering the question: Is the phone number entered by the user the real number associated with the mobile line?

How does it work ?

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    Number Verification (Beta)

      1. 1

        The user connects, from his mobile, to the application of his service provider

      2. 2

        The service provider, who knows the customer’s phone number, asks SFR to perform a verification

      3. 3

        SFR controls the online telephone number

      4. 4

        Once the telephone number is confirmed, the service provider authorizes the user to access the requested service