Mobile ID in detail

Simplify and securize the customers paths


Digital confidence and user experience are major issues for online services.

In 2018, the French completed 1,5 million online transactions and created between 12 and 20 customer accounts per user. Now, 67% of the administrative procedures with the government are made possible on the Internet.

But 55% of the companies report an increase in losses due to fraud during this year, in particular due to attacks on opening and/or taking control of customers accounts,

In fact, identity verification, fraud prevention and the facilitation of securized digital approaches are essential topics for any private or public actor present online.

Aware of these challenges SFR offers the suite of Mobile ID services to enhance the security of the authentication process, reduce barriers to account creation and help manage the risk of fraud.
Mobile ID provides access to the following services :

  • Number Verify
  • Sim Verify
  • Match ID

How does it work ?

  • Mobile ID

      1. 1

        Online service provider wants to simplify and strengthen user identification

      2. 2

        Mobile ID allows, with the consent of the user, to perform information checks from those recorded at the mobile operator

      3. 3

        The user securely completes his path with the online service provider