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Easily obtain a proof of address


Home Verify allows the automatic transmission by SFR of a document attesting to the home address declared by its client.

The customer will be authenticated by SFR using their mobile number, via the 3G / 4G / 5G network or by a code sent by SMS. Once the customer has given his consent, the online service provider will automatically receive a certificate of SFR contract with the customer's domiciliation address, which will be used for proof of address.

The communicated document is stamped SFR, it contains the name of the holder of the mobile line, his postal address as well as the date of edition.

With Home Verify, service providers will be able, in accordance with the GDPR :

  • Increase their online conversion rate, making it easier and faster for users to provide proof of address from SFR data
  • Reduce fraud related to falsified documents because information is transmitted directly from SFR to the service provider without the user being able to modify it
  • Reduce the post-processing costs of this type of document since it is an easily usable "pdf" file, unlike a photo or a scan which are sometimes of poor quality

How does it work ?

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    Home Verify

      1. 1

        When opening or modifying an account online, the user must provide proof of

        address. He is invited to facilitate these steps by using his mobile number

      2. 2

        The customer is authenticated by SFR with his mobile number, he must give his

        consent to the transmission of the document containing his SFR data to the online service provider

      3. 3

        SFR produces the subscription certificate for its client and transmits it to the service

        provider. The user will thus quickly pass the validation step of the domicile proof and continue his navigation on the site of the service provider