Form ID

Automatically complete an online form


Form ID makes it possible to automatically fill in online forms from the data declared by the client when he subscribed to SFR.

The customer will be authenticated by SFR using his mobile number, via the 3G / 4G / 5G network or by a code sent by SMS. Once the customer has given his consent, the online service provider will automatically receive the information necessary to complete a registration form [gender, last name, first name, postal address, e-mail, date of birth].

With Form ID, service providers will be able, in accordance with the GDPR:

  • To increase their conversion rate by making it easier for customers
  • To register online reliable user identification based on information declared to SFR

How does it work ?

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    Form ID

      1. 1

        To facilitate the process of registering a user for the desired service, the online service

        provider offers him to automatically fill in a form to be completed in one click, using the identification data declared by the user at SFR

      2. 2

        The customer is authenticated by SFR through his mobile number. He must give his

        consent to authorize the transfer of his data from SFR to the service provider, for filling in the fields of the online form

      3. 3

        Using this solution, the customer can quickly pass this step and continue browsing and use the service