Transport ticket by SMS

Buy your transport tickets by sending a simple SMS


It is now possible to buy an electronic ticket by being charged on its mobile invoice : for example, a ticket.

Since 2017, the Métropole Rouen Normandie is the first in France to propose this service, for the purchase of tickets on its public transport network Astuce.

This solution allows you to buy a ticket directly from your mobile phone, the amount of the purchase being taken from the next mobile phone bill.

New benefits for Users:

  • A secure payment solution: no bank details are communicated to make the payment
  • 100% mobile payment: by simply sending SMS, or in a few clicks on the mobile application or site of the operator
  • Ultra simple and fast
  • No paper ticket
  • More serenity: no need to move to buy a ticket anymore, no money to search in disaster at the moment the bus arrives
  • Available at SFR and the main mobile operators

For the ticket operator, the simplicity of purchase favors the payment of tickets or extra attendance.

How does it work ?

  • Ticket

      1. 1

        The carrier explains the procedure for the purchase of a ticket by SMS

        Information is available on boards

      2. 2

        I send an SMS to the 5-digit number indicated by the carrier

        I indicate the keyword corresponding to the type of ticket needed

      3. 3

        A few minutes later, I receive on my mobile the confirmation of payment and my e-ticket

      4. 4

        The controller is equipped with a smartphone and a dedicated application

        He checks the validity of the ticket by placing his smartphone on my screen

      5. 5

        I am charged the amount of the ticket on my mobile invoice SFR

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