A simple and universal micropayment solution

SMS+ the optimal channel to communicate and monetize your multimedia content

With SMS+, micro-payments are billed by sending a text message to a 5-digit number.
SMS+ offers 15 different price rates up until €4.50

All users call the same short number, regardless of the operator. Book your own number now! With the AFMM (French Mobile Multimedia Association -

As simple as an SMS

  • An ideal payment method for impulse purchases
  • It's universal, quick and easy to use
  • And accessible to all mobile phone users!

Link your brand to the SMS+/MMS+ number

  • Raise brand awareness and promote the number through advertising (Press, TV, radio, websites...)
  • This short number is common to all operators.

Maximize your revenues

  • SMS+ offers a simple, seamless and effective customer experience.
  • It addresses all mobile phone users whatever their tariff package.
  • Payment risks are borne by the operators.

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Text messages represent over 40%

of mobile purchases


The SMS is the 2nd most popular

mobile internet payment method

How does it work?

  • Web micropayment

      1. 1

        You're surfing the web on your computer

      2. 2

        You choose your content on a mutimedia website

      3. 3

        You choose to pay with SMS+

        You get a return text message...

      4. 4

        Pay with SMS+

      5. 5

        Access your content with the code

  • Interactive Media

      1. 1

        You're watching a reality show

      2. 2

        You want to vote for a candidate

      3. 3

        You choose to vote with SMS+

        You text the name of the candidate

      4. 4

        Your vote is taken into account

        You receive a return text message confirming your vote

  • From an advertising

      1. 1

        I want to customize my mobile

        I'm watching an advertisement in a magazine offering logos and ringtones

      2. 2

        I decide to buy a ringtone

      3. 3

        I buy with SMS+

        I send with SMS the keyword to a short number

      4. 4

        My content is delivered

        I get back a clickable link that allows me to download the ringtone on my mobile

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  • Aller + loin (319,1 kB)
  • Conditions spécifiques (389,6 kB)
  • Conditions spécifiques - Interactivité Antenne (86,5 kB)
  • Mandat administratif (106,6 kB)
  • Mandat financier (106,8 kB)