Donation by SMS

Give to a Charity Association, with an SMS

With Donation by SMS, it has never been easier to be generous.

Throughout the year, associations and charitable foundations appeal to the generosity of people to support great social causes, family, humanitarian, scientific, educational ...

Launched in November 2016, the Donation by SMS is a means of payment allowing to show generosity, in a very simple way and very quickly

Wish to donate to an association ? Just send an SMS to the number indicated by the association in its campaign for donations :

  • It's simple: no account creation, no form to fill, no credit card number to enter, no check note to send
  • It is accessible to the greatest number : you just need to have a mobile phone !
  • It is secure : no bank details are communicated during the payment. The donation amount is automatically debited from the subscriber's mobile phone bill
  • Allows small donations up to 10 euros per Donation
  • The list of donations made can be consulted on the SFR customer area, in the section Consumption in progress> Purchases and subscriptions

How does it work ?

  • Donation by SMS

      1. 1

        I see the SMS Charity appeal campaign made by an association (on TV, radio, Internet, etc.) and I wish to contribute to this cause

      2. 2

        I send an SMS to the 5-digit number indicated by the Association, specifying the amount of my donation in the body of the SMS

      3. 3

        I receive confirmation of payment a few minutes later by SMS from the same 5 digits number

      4. 4

        I am charged of the amount of my donation on my mobile invoice