SFR pay


Shop Media Stores with your mobile invoice

Enjoy the mobile payment bill to make purchases on Google Play!

The payment solution on mobile SFR is already available on these Stores : Google Play, Playstation Store, iTunes, Samsung and Huawei.

It allows SFR and RED by SFR customers to make multimedia purchases on the stores (Apps, music, movies, books, press articles) by being charged directly from their SFR or RED by SFR mobile bill.
For our customers it's simple, fast, secure and no extra cost!
Make purchases on the Stores and pay them on mobile invoice ? Our customers no longer need to enter their bank details, nor to use their Payment Card. With this solution, they pay securely for the content of their choice, simply by communicating their mobile number.
This service is available on all mobile devices or tablets, 3G, 4G, 5G or wifi.