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Parking by SMS

Pay for your parking with just an SMS

Money is no more necessary, nor any parking card, nor trying to find the ticket machine when you just need to send an SMS to pay your parking.

A simple payment solution, universal and without creating an account. You only use a mobile phone !

The solution is secure since no bank details are communicated during the payment. Available with the three main mobile operators, the parking cost is automatically debited from the subscriber's.

The screening officers check that parked cars are in their right through an app.


Benefits for users :

  • Easy and fast : no customer account to create in advance ! No money needed, no parking or credit card
  • Secure : no bank data is communicated to make the payment. in all circumstances
  • Possibility to extend parking easily, including remotely


Benefits for communities :

  • An innovative means of payment that complements the existing payment methods and favors the payment of motorists
  • A simple payment method to implement (no civil engineering, just communicate with appropriate signage, for example a sticker affixed to the parking meter)
  • Additional services offered to the motorist: remote payment, notification of end of parking and possibility to extend the payment remotely by sending a new SMS



of 15-60 year olds
have a mobile phone



Of people owning a mobile are ready to pay for their parking by SMS (all mobiles are compatible)


of users say they do not pay for parking because  they do not have the required means of payment

How does it work

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