Communicate differently

Our Push SMS offer allows you to send text or multimedia messages to an audience of contacts who have opted for this service.

You can, for instance:

Update a customer on his/her order: whether it has arrived or if it's delayed

Announce a special event: a new product for sale or a special event

Send promotional text messages with electronic coupons

Confirm orders

Deliver digital contents (website addresses, videos)

How does it work ?

    1. I give a phone call to book a table

    2. The restaurant takes my booking and asks for my phone number

    3. I automatically receive a text message confirming my booking

    1. As a loyal customer I gave my contact details to a brand

    2. The brand sends me an sms with a promotional coupon to present in-store

    3. Thanks to the sms, I buy in store and benefit from promotion

    1. You want to send text messages to your employees (ex: rescheduling of a meeting)

      Exemple : modification de l'horaire d'une réunion

    2. You connect on a distribution list website

    3. You type the message and telephone numbers

    4. Your employees all get the message by sms