SMS+ the optimal channel to communicate and monetize your multimedia content

With SMS+, micro-payments are billed by sending a text message to a 5-digit number.
SMS+ offers 15 different price rates up until €4.50

All users call the same short number, regardless of the operator. Book your own number now! With the AFMM (French Mobile Multimedia Association -

As simple as an SMS

  • An ideal payment method for impulse purchases
  • It's universal, quick and easy to use
  • And accessible to all mobile phone users!

Link your brand to the SMS+/MMS+ number

  • Raise brand awareness and promote the number through advertising (Press, TV, radio, websites...)
  • This short number is common to all operators.

Maximize your revenues

  • SMS+ offers a simple, seamless and effective customer experience.
  • It addresses all mobile phone users whatever their tariff package.
  • Payment risks are borne by the operators.


Text messages represent over 40% of mobile purchases

The SMS is the 2nd most popular mobile internet payment method



How does it work?

    1. You're surfing the web on your computer

    2. You choose your content

      on a mutimedia website

    3. You choose to pay with SMS+

      You get a return text message...

    4. Pay with SMS+

    5. Access your content

      with the code

    1. You're watching a reality show

    2. You want to vote for a candidate

    3. You choose to vote with SMS+

      You text the name of the candidate

    4. Your vote is taken into account

      You receive a return text message confirming your vote

    1. I want to customize my mobile

      I'm watching an advertisement in a magazine offering logos and ringtones 

    2. I decide to buy a ringtone

    3. I buy with SMS+

      I send with SMS the keyword to a short number



    4. My content is delivered

      I get back a clickable link that allows me to download the ringtone on my mobile 

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