Monetize your multimedia content and services - maximize your revenues!

Internet+ mobile is a micro-payment solution with an invoicing system based on mobile phone bills and prepaid accounts.
The access to your multimedia contents and services can be billed either by transaction or by subscription (weekly and monthly) for up to €20 per transaction.
While purchasing, the user is authenticated by SFR in real-time.
Customers can then recover the history of their purchases on the partner's site and in the "my account" section of SFR's website.

No matter where you are, all you need is to be connected (ADSL, WiFi or A 3G/edge connection)

On any device: PC, tablet or mobile phone

Boost your conversion rate:

  • Encourages impulse shopping by simplifying payment
  • No bank or card details to enter


Over 63M

potential buyers - with no prior registration needed

Internet+ Mobile 52



of potential buyers under age 35


3 internet buyers out of 4

consider this payment method "quick, easy and convenient"

over 50%

of buyers describe this payment method as "secure"


How does it work ?

    1. You are surfing the web from your mobile

      You want to know the value of your car

    2. You choose your online service

      and pay for accessing the car pricing service

    3. You are redirected to the payment pages of your mobile operator

    4. You confirm your payment by clicking on Internet+ Mobile

      It's quick and easy and you don't need to enter your banking details

    5. You are redirected to the vendor's site

      You immediately receive the estimated value of your car

    1. You're surfing the web from a connected terminal

      You're in a waiting room and want to watch a VOD

    2. You pick a movie

      and decide to subscribe to a video club

    3. You choose to pay with internet+

      and click on the "Internet+" button on the video club's page

    4. You are redirected to your video club's website

      You are asked to enter your phone number

    5. Your operator sends you an SMS with a single-use code

      You use the code to pay securely

    6. You confirm your payment in just a click

      You can immediately access your content and get a purchase confirmation from your operator by SMS

    7. You are redirected to the video club’s website

      and have immediate access to your content. Your service provider send you a text message confirming your purchase.