Use the household's Internet bill to monetize your multimedia content and services!

Internet+ box is a micro-payment solution with an invoicing system based on Internet Service Provider bills.
The access to your multimedia contents and services can be billed either by transaction or by subscription (weekly or monthly) for up to €20 per transaction.

SFR secures the transaction by verifying that the buyer really is one of the recognized users of the box. Customers can then recover the history of their purchases on the partner's site and in the "my account" section of SFR's website.


  • It works on any terminal connected to the box, at home.


  • Impulse purchases are increased thanks to a quick and intuitive payment process.


  • SFR covers overdue amounts.


More than 39M

potential buyers without any prior registration needed

More than 20M 

households (95% of French users) equipped with SFR, Bouygues, Orange, Free or Alice internet boxes


3 internet buyers out of 4 

consider this payment method "quick, easy and convenient"

More than 3 buyers out of 4

see this payment method as "safe and reassuring"


How does it work?

    1. You are at home, surfing the web

      You are checking an online Comic Books store

    2. You choose your book

      You decide to buy the latest volume of your favorite comic strip

    3. You choose to pay with internet+

      You select the Internet+ button on the vendor's page

    4. Press 'Confirm' and it's paid for!

      Your ISP authenticates you via your box. All you need to do is confirm your payment.

    5. You are then redirected to the retailer's website

      and have immediate access to your content.
      Your service provider sends you an email confirming your purchase.

    1. You're surfing the web via your internet box

      You're checking a VOD website

    2. You pick a film

      The website suggests that you take a weekly subscription

    3. You choose to pay with internet+

      You click on the Internet+ button on the vendor's page

    4. Your are redirected to your ISP's payment page

      You confirm your purchase

    5. You identify yourself

      To confirm payment, you enter your SFR email address and password

    6. You are redirected to the vendor's website

      You can then access your content immediately. My ISP sends me an email confirming my purchase.