Enjoy the mobile payment bill to make purchases on Google Play!

The payment solution on mobile SFR is already available on the Google Play Store, App Store and digital content for all phones with the Android operating system.

Real playground for users and essential platform for publishers, Google Play allows you not to communicate your banking information. Choose the payment invoice to buy your applications and pay favorite contents. This solution is faster and always secure. You have the opportunity to make purchases in 3G / 4G or wifi, from a mobile or tablet * in the Google Play Store and pay directly via your mobile bill SFR. This service is free, accessible to all SFR customers and requires no registration.

  • After each purchase, an invoice is automatically sent to your email: Gmail.
  • The summary of your purchases will appear in "My Account" in the Play Store.
  • The amount is charged to your mobile bill or deducted from SFR balance on your prepaid account, under the heading "Purchase Google Play (third  party service)."
  • You can also view your purchases from your client selfcare SFR online or from your smartphone on the mobile portal by going to your “current consumption”: Buying and subscriptions (https: // fr / payment thirds / Accueil).
  • Good to know: Google Play subscriptions are automatically renewed. To manage your subscriptions, log on Google Play via your Android device and go to the "My Applications / Subscriptions."

To learn more, find customer support Google ( for any questions relating to the payment of invoice operator.



 The purchase amount displayed on the content is the amount that will be charged to your bill. This amount is set by the developer.

In addition to downloading apps, games, movies and digital books, Google offers free and unlimited access to the first month Google Play Music service.

You can make purchases up to 20 € par transaction and 100 € cumulative maximum per month on your bill SFR.

 * If you have already made a payment from your mobile, you have the opportunity to buy directly from your Android tablet on Google Play using the same Google account.


    1. Sign in

      Or create a Google account with a Gmail address

    2. Choose a password

    3. Select "Enable billing SFR"

      on your first purchase

    4. Enter a billing address

      on your first purchase

    5. Confirm your purchase

       Your address will be remembered for all of your payments

    6. Secure your account

      to make the purchase through an access code to the service