Launch of the Parking SMS Offer

After the first tests in France initiated by “SFR Collectivités" (SFR Local Communities) in the city of Mulhouse, in March 2012, SFR, Orange and Bouygues Télécom – gathered within the French Association of Mobile Multimedia (MMFA) – all launched their offers for the payment of parking by SMS.
Given its great convenience, this solution will soon be made available in large towns and cities in France.

According to the MMFA, it presents multiple benefits:
- No need for a parking card or money, all you need is your mobile!
- It offers the possibility to extend parking time, remotely
- It presents improved services to customers while optimizing parking revenues for the town or city

For more information, take a look at the MMFA press release:

Communiqué de presse_StationnementSMS 20130326.PDF (172.2 kB)