AFMM Conference "Payment Solutions Charged onto Operator Bills: 2012 Outcome and 2013 Outlook"

Over 130 people attended this conference organized by the AFMM (French Association for Mobile Multimedia) on April 9, 2013, at the Trade Chamber of Commerce (Bourse du Commerce) in Paris.
On this occasion, the AFMM and operators presented a 2012 overview of payment solutions billed onto operator invoices ("SMS+" and "Internet+") and their prospects for 2013.
The AFMM presented its ongoing projects (Parking SMS, donations billed onto the operator's invoice, automatic distribution) and the upcoming enhancements planned for the Internet+ solution.
Subjects such as Code of Conduct (Code of Ethics Commissions, controls and penalties) and upcoming SMS+ experiments were also discussed.
Discover the conference's presentation (April 9, 2013).

Presentation_AFMM_9avril2013.pdf (2.1 MB)