92200: 1 SMS = 1 donation!

Il suffit d'envoyer le mot-clé « DON » au numéro dédié, le 92200, pour réaliser un don de 2 euros.

Since June 1st, SFR mobile subscribers can make donations to the French Red Cross via SMS. This experiment was implemented in France, in partnership with the French Association of Mobile Multimedia (MMFA) and French mobile operators (1).

All you need to do is send the keyword "DON" to the dedicated number (92200) to make a € 2 donation.

SMS donations are already widespread abroad and have been successful for several years, particularly in the United States and Great Britain. Text messaging offers a simple way for the French to support the Red Cross' actions.

The access to this service is easy:
- Send "DON" by SMS to the short number: 92200 (sending the SMS is free of charge)
- The French Red Cross confirms the € 2 donation by SMS
The € 2 amount is directly transferred onto the mobile invoice. It's easy, quick and fun!

(1) Only the customers of the operators who rolled-out the SMS+ solution (Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom) can benefit from this service and participate in the operation in France.